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Welcome to the 'Falcon Study'

"Imagine the beauty and performance of a 1920's racing Sloop but manufactured today, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest systems and materials - that's the Q7 'Falcon Study'"  

Peter Silvester, Founder Q7 Yacht Designs

Q7 Yacht Designs

Celebrating the legacy of Universal Rule Racing

Our mission is to celebrate the legacy and heritage of 'Falcon', a classic 1926 'Q Class' racing sailboat, designed to the 'Universal Rule of Measurement' and manufactured by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company.

The 'Universal Rule' as it became known was introduced by the renowned naval architect Nathanael Herreshoff in 1902, adopted by the New York Yacht Club in 1903 and used to determine eligibility for the America's Cup between 1914 and 1937. Characterized by narrow beams and long overhangs, 'Universal Rule' sailboats combine beauty, strength and performance, illustrated by that fact that many are still sailing and racing today.

'Falcon' is an original 1926 'Q Class' Sloop designed by Burgess, Swasey & Paine, lovingly restored by the boat builder John Anderson, now sailed and raced in San Diego California by the Q7 Yacht Designs team.

Working with a unique partnership of world-class industry leaders, our goal is to celebrate the centenary of 'Falcon' with a new 'Q7' commission that re-imagines what she might have been if her original designers had access to the best systems, technologies and materials available today.

Q7 Yacht Designs, formed to sail and maintain the original 'Falcon' have re-imagined what a new 'Q7' could be in 2026. Dykstra Naval Architects, renowned for their work on the modern J Class fleet, have adapted the original Burgess, Swasey and Paine design and the team at Spirit Yachts will bring this vision to life with their unique blend of traditional craftsmanship, cutting edge systems and philosophy of sustainable manufacturing.

  By combining a beautiful and race proven design with the best craftsmanship, systems and materials available, we aim to create a modern classic that we hope will excite and inspire generations to come - this is the Q7 'Falcon Study'.

August 1930, 'Falcon' sailing in Marblehead
Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

About Q7 Yacht Designs

Q7 Yacht Designs was formed to maintain, sail and race 'Falcon', an original 1926 Q Class Sloop designed by Burgess, Swasey & Paine. 'Falcon' was manufactured in Bristol, Rhode Island by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. and lovingly restored between 2007 and 2012 by the renowned boat builder John Anderson. 

'Falcon' is the inspiration for the Q7 'Falcon Study', a unique project to create a new 'Q7' commission that celebrates the legacy and heritage of this race winning Q Class sailboat. 'Falcon' is currently located in San Diego, California where she sails and races under her original sail number 'Q7'.  


Our re-imagined 'Q7' will launch in 2026 to celebrate the centenary year of this classic racing sloop.

For more information about the history and racing heritage of 'Falcon' check out our sections on 'Raced' and 'Restored'

Falcon lowered in to the Pacific for the first time

Introducing 'Falcon' to the Pacific

1926 silver coin placed under the mast

In keeping with tradition... under the mast

Falcon rigged after transport to San Diego

Stepping the mast

The Q7 'Falcon Study'

The Q7 'Falcon Study' was inspired by the beauty and elegance of Universal Rule racing sailboats with their characteristic narrow beam and long overhangs, epitomized by the magnificent J Class America's Cup Yachts of the 1930's. A fortunate series of events and coincidences in the summer of 2023 led us to 'Falcon' and ultimately resulted in the formation of Q7 Yacht Designs to become her next proud custodian. 


In 2023, following several years 'on the hard' in Rhode Island, 'Falcon' was transported to her new home in San Diego. After carefully introducing her to the Pacific and stepping the mast, the team set about tuning the rig and were delighted to learn what generations of sailors already knew - she sails as good as she looks!


What came next was an idea that grew to become a passion - what if we could take the original race-proven hull lines and produce a new commission, using the best craftsmanship, materials and systems available today? a fitting tribute to celebrate the centenary of 'Falcon'. The goal would be to re-imagine what 'Falcon' might have been if her original designers had access to everything we have 100 years later...


It turned out that this passion for classic 1920's design and race proven performance was shared by some of the best boat builders and naval architects in the world resulting in the Q7 'Falcon Study' - a unique collaboration to create a tribute to the original 'Falcon', fueled by an international partnership of industry experts and sailing enthusiasts.

'Falcon' will be Re-Imagined  by Q7 Yacht Designs, a company set up to sail, race and maintain the original 'Falcon'

Re-Designed  by Dykstra Naval Architects, renowned for their work on the modern J Class fleet

Re-Created  by the craftsmen and women at Spirit Yachts

We're looking forward to providing updates on our adventures in the original 'Falcon' and updates on the Q7 'Falcon Study'. Stay tuned!


Peter Silvester, CEO and Founder of Q7 Yacht Designs


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