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The Restoration : Saving a Classic

Between 2007 and 2012 'Falcon' went through a painstaking restoration by the renowned boat builder John Anderson. The process started in 2007, commissioned by her owner at that time, Konrad Ulbrich (Conny). Conny also owned 'Hayday' (formerly 'Falcon II', later renamed 'Jour de Fete') that had previously been restored by John. Sadly, Conny died before the restoration of 'Falcon' was completed. Conny bequeathed 'Falcon' to his family and his close friend, Gerald Rainer. Gerald continued to support John's work resulting in the magnificent restoration we see today. In 2023, after several years 'on the hard', Gerald passed on custodianship of 'Falcon' to Peter Silvester and Q7 Yacht Designs. Peter transported her to San Diego in September 2023 where she's sailed, maintained and raced today.

All photographs courtesy of Alison Langley

and John Anderson, Boat Builder and Restorer of 'Falcon'

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