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Check out the latest news and updates on the original 'Falcon'

A family affair

Lovely sail on Sunday with my wife Vicky, daughter Ellie and good friend Mario. Winds were light but consistent with the highlight being a single-tack return all the way from Chula Vista back to America's Cup Bay - wonderful. 

Thanks to Mario's friends who took this picture as we passed them on the way back

Chula Vista and Back

Big smiles all afternoon on a single tack to Chula Vista. We covered almost 18 NM in less than 3 hours which isn't a bad average. Best NM was over 7.5 knots which is pretty consistent and a ton of fun, top speed was a hair under 9 knots on a close reach.  

Thank You 'OFRA'

I had the pleasure of sailing the 'Long Course' with my daughter who was taking a break from her final year studies at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We were joined by Mario and were in the pack until we peeled off  before the penultimate mark to make sure we could dock by 3pm. 

The Wednesday 'races' have provided a fantastic learning ground for me and the Q7 team who are still early in our racing careers. The competition is tight but relaxed and the fleet is typically raced under 'gentlemen's (or ladies) rules' - Thank you for welcoming Falcon to the series! 

Many thanks to Mario for joining us and making the trip possible despite a prior commitment.

Ancient Mariners Yesteryear Regatta : The Race

Let's get right to the punch line ... we came in last. I'd love to blame it on the weather, 'Falcon' , our equipment or some other element we had no control over but it was in fact down to us. However, we had a ton of fun and the San Diego weather was spectacular for the 12 NM course around San Diego Bay. Winds were tricky to read but a consistent 8-10 gusting 12-14 at times and it was a fantastic sight to see the fleet of 16 classic boats converging on the finish line of the pursuit format race. Congratulations to the crew of 'Witchcraft' for the best corrected time and 'Brushfire' for the fastest overall time. Thanks to the Ancient Mariners and San Diego Yacht Club for hosting such a fantastic event.


Ancient Mariners Yesteryear Regatta @ SDYC

We were lucky enough to be invited to the 50th Yesteryear Regatta this weekend. We arrived early to SDYC and lined up beside some great company including two beautiful 10M Class Sloops, 'Branta' and 'Sally'. 'Sally' was also designed by Starling Burgess in 1927, a year after 'Falcon' so it was great to be nearby on the dock, preparing to race the following day. Q7 was given a warm welcome and enjoyed a lovely evening with some passionate classic boat enthusiasts. 

Getting ready for
our first Regatta

There's a lot of jokes and truisms around old boat ownership but the reality for Q7 is that she was well maintained and recently restored so much of what we do is 'window dressing'. Case in point this week as we prepared for the Ancient Mariners 'Yesteryear Regatta' at San Diego Yacht Club this weekend. The deck looked a bit patchy from the single coat it had a few weeks back so we took the opportunity to add a coat and bring her back to tip-top condition.  

IMG_6500 3.HEIC

The Gentleman's Race

The OFRA Wednesday 'gentleman's race' has been a great learning ground for the Q7 team. I tend to be pretty conservative when it comes to pushing 'Falcon' after all, she's nearly 100 years old but this week tested my comfort zone as we had white caps in the bay for the start of the race resulting in some exciting tacks and a wet crew. 

As we watched 'Brushfire'  and 'Super Gnat' duel it out down the channel we were reminded that 'gentleman's race' doesn't mean people aren't trying! Both crews know the Bay inside out (and top to bottom) so it was fun to watch the slow motion cat-and-mouse game even if we were watching from behind.

Just out for a nice sail

Kyle and I had the opportunity to take his parents out on Falcon in what turned out to be real 'champagne sailing' conditions in San Diego Bay. Winds were 8-10 knots with minimal gusting and unusually for this time of year, out of the South West which meant a single tack from Coronado Bridge all the way back to America's Cup harbor. Gina and Ron had previously been on Victoria, the Beneteau 54 so I had to smile when Gina said "you know, I enjoyed sailing on Falcon even more than your last boat ... I felt more connection to the water, it was more exciting" - Thanks Gina! Great to have you on board.

Thanks to Mario for the video ... you were missed on Falcon but we still enjoyed sailing past you :)