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Our Partners

A unique collaboration of industry leaders with a common goal

Q7 Yacht Designs is proud to bring together a world-class team of industry leaders committed to honoring the legacy and heritage of 'Falcon'.  


Carefully selected for their expertise, industry reputation and proven passion for excellence the 'Falcon Study' represents a unique partnership with a single aim - to create a modern classic that will excite and inspire generations of sailors for another 100 years.

“We love to focus on projects that make our hearts beat faster and the Falcon Study is certainly one of those  … to be able to be part of a team that creates a new, re-imagined version of a Q Class Yacht is time well spent”

Thys Nikkels, CEO Dykstra Naval Architects

“Our roots are embedded in wooden yacht construction, drawing inspiration from the classic yacht design of the 1930s, married with modern technology.  The Falcon Study is a perfect fit for our in-house skills and fulfills our passion for custom projects commissioned by visionary owners.”

Karen Underwood, Managing Director Spirit Yachts

Q7 Compay Logo

Re-Imagined by

Q7 Yacht Designs

Proud custodian of the original 'Falcon' and creative force behind 'The Falcon Study' Q7 Yacht Designs has brought together a world class team of designers, craftsmen and artists with a shared passion for sailing excellence.

Dykstra Naval Architects company logo

Re-Designed by

Dykstra Naval Architects

Naval architects since 1969 with extensive experience in the modern J Class revival. Dykstra adapted the original designs to rebuild 'Hanuman' (Endeavor 2) and 'Rainbow', worked on the rebuilds of 'Endeavor', 'Shamrock' and 'Velsheda' and supported the refit of the majestic 'Ranger', originally designed by Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens and the first of the modern 'J's to be built.

Spirit Yachts Logo

Re-Created by

Spirit Yachts

The world leader in modern classic yacht design and build. Founded in  1993, Spirit Yachts are committed to providing a beautiful and sustainable alternative to fiberglass production sailboats.

Meet The Team

'The Falcon Project' is supported by

Elco Company Logo

Elco Motor Yachts were established in 1893 to produce electric production powerboats. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison both owned an 'Elco' and in 1915 the British Admiralty awarded a contract to Elco for 550 sub-chasing 80' 'motor launches'. Today, Elco designs and manufactures inboard and outboard electric motors combining traditional and proven designs with cutting edge technology. Perfect for the 'Falcon Study'.

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